Your  arrival day starts with an opening reception to mix and mingle with other fellow musicians.  Next, meet your band,  coaches,  musicians, and country music stars!  Come with eyes wide open and leave with the  best of friends including some of Nashville's stars! 


Day  One  - Songwriting with your band,  coaches with surprise visits.  It's your time to shine while you write your own song (s) with a top mentor in the music industry!  To wrap up the day, you will be choosing a non-country song and begin the transformation of turning its country! 

Day  Two  - Wake up,  sing,  play,  repeat!  You'll spend your day recording music in a swanky Nashville recording studio alongside your coaches, session musicians, and surprise guest(s)! 

Day  Three  (half-day)  - Bring your A-game and perform live with your band and/or professional musicians!   




Your  registration  includes: 


  • Luxury  hotel  room  for  one  (  +1  guest  to  attend  the  live  performance  on  the  last  day) 

  • Opening  reception  with  a  mix  and  mingle  for  all  camp  participants   

  • Delicious  food and beverages every day 

  • Transportation around town to/from  CMFC  events, songwriting rooms, studio time, stage time,  etc..   

  • Guidance  by  some  of  country  music's  finest  coaches  and  musicians 

  • Meet  Country  music  stars 

  • 100  Band EPs per camper with your two songs +  100  more EPs within 3 months after your camp.  (additional  EPs  are  available  for  small  fee) 

  • Photography,  videography,  image  consultation,  graphics  assistance  (for  logos) 

  • A guitar to have signed or not + many extra gifts and then more than you can imagine!     


Additional  Information: 

Price includes all costs (legal and administrative) and efforts to make these songs  "a  Hit".  Original recorded music will receive copyright if possible.  Rights to original lyrics and publishing for all recorded music will be  50% owned by the  CMFC  Bands  (YOU)  to be formed.  CMFC will own 50%  so our team can work to make your hit "a  hit".    Yes,  we  will do our best to pitch the new music... only in Nashville!